Pandemic – Where are we still going wrong

It will be years before any Public Inquiry reports on the Johnson government handling of the Covid Pandemic in the UK; this book is a first draft of that tragic history. It is the third in a series which Bite-Sized Books has published this year about the pandemic. Since Covid first landed on our shores in late February 2020, the Johnson government has been in a vacuum of ideas on how to control it. Mis-step has followed mis-step. Why?This book attempts some answers. The distinguished contributors to the book are: Dave Miller; Matthew D’ancona, Tortoise Media; Dr Alex Connock, Oxford University; Dr Renaud Lambiotte, Oxford University; Professor David Bailey and Vicky Pryce; Dr Steven McCabe, Birmingham City University; Paul Corrigan, former Tony Blair adviser; Andrew Beck; Professor Julian Petley, Brunel University; Angela Antetomaso, Forbes; Dr John Lister, The Lowdown; Professor Barnie Choudhury, Eastern Eye; Steven Gil; Maurice Smith, Former BBC Scotland Editor; John Ferguson, Sunday Mail; Martin Shipton, Western Mail; Roisin McCauley; Liz Gerard, former Times Journalist; Paul Connew, former Fleet Street Editor; Michael Gilson, former Editor, Belfast Telegraph; Fiona Chesterton, former BBC Editor; Simon Cottle, Cardiff University; Dr Victoria Walden, University of Sussex; Professor Chris Frost, LJMU; Professor John Howson, Oxford Brookes University; Dr Jeremy Collins, London Metropolitan University.The multi-faceted perspectives in this book provide an authoritative and challenging contribution to the inevitable debate around the haphazard handling of the pandemic in the UK – and will be required reading for all students of how the UK government failed.