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COP27 is upon us, and if you didn’t make it to Sharm El-Sheikh, you can still ‘do your bit’ by reading four important books we’ve published relating to climate change. They’re refreshingly positive and packed with suggested practical steps. And, don’t forget, our books cost less than a cappuccino in Harry’s bar in Venice. And, as we always like to add, the beauty and practicality of a Bite-Sized Book is two-fold: they’re shorter, so can easily be read in one sitting. And secondly, once read, they are splendid at...

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Bite-Sized Books author Farrokh Suntook’s article in the influential EASTERN EYE publication.

They write, ‘In his debut novel The People We Know, London-based author Farrokh Suntook has told a compelling story of a Sikh woman who finds her life transformed after a shocking discovery about her Parsi husband and a chance encounter with an English couple’. Building on the author’s love for literature, the story, set in India and London, deals with a unique subject and culminates in a totally unexpected denouement. When asked to select his top 10 books, the talented writer said: “It’s difficult to choose just...

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A comprehensive theory of the nature of the force which causes what we sense as gravity has always been elusive. So far Newton and then Einstein have served us well to quantitatively predict what we observe happening under most conditions. However, early-on trained in physics and engineering and now a tech industry veteran, Jan Loeber, has today published an important book entitled, The Radical New Theory of Gravity - Disrupting Our Understanding of Our Place in the Cosmos, which draws upon the pioneering work by...

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Bite-Sized Books signs partnership agreement with Copper Coin Publishing for India distribution

Bite-Sized Books, the fast-growing UK publishing house, has formed a partnership with Delhi-based Copper Coin Publishing to facilitate book production, printing, and distribution throughout India. See published release:

The first book to be published under the new agreement will be acclaimed author Farrukh Dhondy’s The Hawk and Hyena: What Really Happened to the Serpent, a blockbuster that carries forward the story of serial killer Charles Sobhraj, the subject of the 2021 Netflix/BBC 8-part mini-series.

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Farrukh Dhondy and Bite-Sized Books announce publishing, TV & Film agreement

Acclaimed novelist, television executive and screen writer Farrukh Dhondy has signed publishing company, Bite-Sized Books to publish his latest book: Hawk and Hyena – What Ever Happened to The Serpent, and to commercialise the TV and film rights. This is the remarkable, almost unbelievable, true story of serial killer Charles Sobhraj which adds radical and revealing new information to the story recently portrayed in the worldwide hit BBC/Netflix television series The Serpent.

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Bite-Sized Books publishes three more Environment books in the lead up to COP26

Bite-Sized Books is playing its part in sharing know-how, advice, and the social consequences of climate change in the lead up to and beyond the COP26 summit.
Politician Sir John Redwood, academics Dr Steven McCabe and Beverley Nielsen, and former American diplomat, scholar, and author, William Ophuls offer us three important and opportunely timed books that are both enormously informative and challenging to our pre-conceptions.

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Bite-Sized Books publishes: Morse, Lewis, Endeavour and Oxford: A Guide Celebrating 35 Years on Screen

Bite-Sized Books has teamed up again with former BBC producer and prolific author and editor, John Mair, to create a unique book that will please both Morse fans and anyone who loves Morse’s Oxford.

This new John Mair edited book, written with Oxford’s top Morse tour guide and expert, Heidi Boon Rickard, and renowned author and academic, Richard Lance Keeble, takes us ‘behind the screens’ bringing fascinating new insights into Oxford’s backdrop to one of ITV’s most endearing productions.

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Mark Brolin’s new book on populism draws input from six of the sharpest social science brains on the planet

Bite-Sized Books has just published Healing Broken Democracies – All you need to know about Populism. Available now on Amazon. The book offers in Mark’s own words, "...non-tribal intellectual clarity surrounding the populist phenomenon". Mark writes, “When did many voters who struggle to make ends meet start seeing the Labour party as part of “the metropolitan elite”? When did it yet again become acceptable within so called polite society, fashionable even, to dismiss disempowered voter groups as “uneducated...

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Bite-Sized Books Limited, the UK publishing house founded by Dr Paul Davies, has been acquired by entrepreneur Julian Costley.

Julian Costley takes up the role of CEO, and Dr Paul Davies becomes chairman, continuing to play an active role in author relations and new book commissioning. He remains on the board and has retained a minority shareholding.

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