The Virus and the Media

Journalism is the first draft of history.This book is the first draft of the journalism of the Coronavirus 2020. It aims to show the strengths and failings of the journalism about a major global event and challenge.

That varied from the excellent to the simply poor.Deaths mounted in the UK. Criticism did too. Some stayed in denial about government failings, however the lack of testing, the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the lack of simple care showed itself.

This book is the result of asking a variety of journalists and academics – hence the description “hackademic” – to closely examine the reporting of the biggest global health crisis for 100 years. Authors include Roy Greenslade, Alan Rusbridger, Daniel Cay Johnson, Dorothy Byrne, Alex Connock, Brian Winston, Barnie Choudhury, Richard Lance Keeble and Fiona Chesterton.The book is edited for Bite-Sized Books by John Mair, who has now edited 34 books on journalism and the media. He is a former BBC, ITV and Channel 4 producer who has taught at UK universities and elsewhere.