The Generation Game

Young people are not tuning into BBC television and radio. There is panic at the top of the corporation. What will the future hold for the backbone of British broadcasting? How will the licence fee be justified? New technology is sucking away eyeballs and the young audience is finding new forms of electronic entertainment.

It’s nothing new! In 1990 when “yoof programming” was top priority, it was clear that the BBC had a critical problem. In 2020 it still has that same critical problem but now in much more sharp relief. Has nothing been learned? It is the focus of all levels of the corporation, the regulator and the Government.

Michael Wilson has brought together a stellar and diverse array of broadcasters, broadcast executives, politicians, academics and journalists to provide answers and point the direction that the BBC needs to take to win this audience against the stiffest competition imaginable.

With contributions from Mike Read, Tom Harrington, Victoria McCollum, Ed Vaizey, Peter Weil, Alison Dolan, Kerensa Jennings, Alex DeGroote, Claire Hungate, Paul Robinson, Graeme Thompson, Michael Wilson, Farrukh Dhondy, Colin Mann, Maurice Smith, Tim Hartley, Neil Fowler, Marcus Ryder, Richard Waghorn, Marc Webber and Rebecca Beavington, “The Generation Game” is a book that will challenge assumptions, stimulate debate and bring a clarity to the role and purpose of the BBC for the future.

In addition, there is the innovation of adding interesting and provocative soundbites from Anthea Turner, Baroness Nicky Morgan, Daisy Cooper MP, Keith Brown MSP, Chris Matheson MP, Kirsten O’Brien, Mark Curry, Peter Purves, and Sarah Greene, and the voice of students and other young people give further insights into the challenges.