Will the Tory Party Ever be the Same?

This book could not be more timely. With contributions from leading Tories, such as Sir John Redwood, Damian Green and Lord Heseltine, historian Richard Gaunt and distinguished commentators such as Peter Hitchens, Matthew D’Ancona, Eben Black and Liz Gerard, it provides insights and different perspectives on a really important political question. The UK is in turmoil; Parliament in chaos and the Tories left facing several directions at the same time. Will they survive? Read this book and you will be able to decide from a position of real knowledge – from a wide range of views.This fourth Bite-Sized Brexit Book complements “Do They Mean Us?”, the views of foreign correspondents largely based in London about Brexit, “The Case for Brexit” where leading Brexiteers, including Patrick Minford and John Mills, explain their reasons for supporting Brexit, and “Keeping the Wheels on the Road”, which focuses on the UK auto industry as a result of the Brexit process.The Bite-Sized Brexit series will continue with Farmageddon to be published in April. We hope the four books to date have helped the tenor of the debate over Brexit.