Lies, Lobbying, and Lunch

Eben Black has created an amazing insight into the worlds of lobbying, public relations and political engagement and a brilliant guide on how to use these tools to create the best commercial and personal impact. In a highly readable book, complete with highly revealing anecdotes, Eben penetrates the mysteries and gives a practical guide to employing these techniques and shows where and how they are most effective. This book is aimed at companies who need these services and aspiring professionals who want to enter this field Рand is a first hand account of how to get the best out of lobbying, PR and political engagement from a man who has comprehensive, successful experience of all aspects of this subject. Eben was a national newspaper journalist for the best part of 20 years, working in the Houses of Parliament. He worked, in order, for the Press Association, which is the national news agency, The Sun, Today, the News of the World (before they invented phone hacking, Your Honour) and the Sunday Times. He had the dubious distinction of being the Political Editor of the News of the World, and the even more dubious one of being deputy Political Editor on the Sunday Times. He moved from journalism into lobbying and PR with the country’s largest law firm, DLA Piper, where he advised clients on reputation management and political engagement. He now runs EruditePR, a PR, public affairs and lobbying agency. With instructive Рand highly revealing Рexamples, Eben has produced the definitive guide that will entertain as well as educate.

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