Your Brain in Quarantine

Stuck indoors? Self-isolating? You’re not alone… Billions of people all over the world are quarantined to protect them from the pandemic. But what’s happening to your brain in isolation? This book guides you through the physical changes that might be happening as your brain adapts to the new circumstances: the claustrophobia of being indoors, the loss of freedom, getting used to new routines, why talking on the phone isn’t as good as meeting in person, disruptions to your natural rhythms, and much more. It’s not all despair as this book concludes with inspirational stories of others who survived long-term isolation and how they did so.T.J.Coles has written an easily accessible book that will reveal how the different elements of your brain adapt to isolation and confinement. With his academic background, he can take you deep into our understanding of the brain and how its different elements function but at the same time he can explain in a straightforward way how it feels to be in that situation – and what we can do to make our experience better