The Poem is Part of the Eye

The Return to Reason Series comprises six books across the written forms, each aimed at drawing new readers towards mediums they may not be familiar with, or, with which they have not previously chosen to engage.

In this first book, THE POEM IS PART OF THE EYE, series editor, David Erdos has chosen work from a range of new and established contemporaries to create a poetry volume unlike any other, with poems that define the search for reason and new artistic modes and in pieces that are both accessible and elusive. The poetics within our experience are as vital as the poems composed from it, as evidenced by the inclusion of acclaimed poets Robert Montgomery, Michael Horovitz, Pete Brown, Cat Catalyst, Niall McDevitt, John Haney, Jan Herman, Malcolm Ritchie, and a number of new female voices each seeking to make a prize of the page. The idea is for these books to prime your bag, hand and pocket. They are power packs for perception, with which you can find your own rhyme.

Series Editor David Erdos is an actor, writer, director, teacher, film-maker, and a widely published poet, playwright, and critic, dedicated to establishing new cultural standards. For all creeds, new screeds.

The array of new and established writers, photographers and artists contained within each book each create work dedicated to the discovery of exciting new perspectives on the world, which raise startling new ideas and fresh points of discussion. At a time where we have been defined and diverted from the life we used to know, this special series of books attempts to create a new standard by which we can measure the changing world around us; elevating different forms of art and expression into active parts of the day. Each piece seeks and challenges your own responses and experience with a multitude of voices; calling out to you, in acts of soulfulness and solidarity. To fully understand reason each one of us needs to be wise.