Yoga, Coffee, and a Glass of Wine

Regina’s book is a clear and concise introduction to the joys and benefits of yoga, from which you can start on the journey of discovery that she herself went on and from which she has never looked back.

In less than 10k words, this book introduces the reader to Yoga and takes him or her on a journey to greater understanding of its potential to alter lives and attitudes. It creates the foundations for Yoga practice while explaining what the reader can do to enhance their experience of life. In less than an hour Regina will encapsulate her years of experience of Yoga, as learner and as teacher, showing how it has helped her through difficult and rewarding times.

Regina explains what yoga is – and what it is not. She illustrates some of the methods within yoga and what yoga does for you physically and mentally.

She also suggests why you should take up yoga and also gives a balanced view on the whole ethos behind yoga with all its strengths and the great help yoga can give you.