My other car is an aston

Anyone buying this book in the belief it might also be a self-help, get-rich-quick guide to starting a business should think again!
Stuart Haining, author of “The Practical Digital Marketeer” also in Bite-Sized Books, does indeed waffle on a bit about how owning a company can get you the car, if not the girl, but it’s mostly an unusual take on motoring, and in particular the unexpected joys and pitfalls of owning an Aston Martin for the first time. This book is a light-hearted, easy to read look at the kinds of things you won’t find in any other car book on the planet!
Living with an Aston Martin is an experience – and Stuart graphically and engagingly introduces a whole range of topics in his love affair with his own Aston Vantage V8 – even including how to run an Aston on a shoe string – albeit a shoe string for a very expensive pair of shoes! His readers have loved his direct and witty writing style – and this book shows his impish fun and the sheer enjoyment that owning and driving an Aston brings him every day.