The Power of Management: Mastering Conditions for Culturework

The ‘Power of Management’ is the second book in a series of seven bite-sized books that hope to guide the reader through this maze. On the surface, it is not a theoretical academic piece, but don’t let that fool you, as McMaster and Brown introduce concepts and language that switches on the light bulb above your head. Neither is it one of those ‘self-help’ books that you see lining the shelves of your local bookshop. Uniquely, this book has taken what is happening out in the world; in offices, retail shops, factories and laboratories and brought some order and semblance to what is working in real life and how to cope with that volatility and chaos.

Raksh Sharma, Corporate CEO wrote, “Throughout my career as an executive, I have been a company firefighter, parachuted in to help turn around a project or a company, and this is the first time I have found a book that actually explains what took me a career to understand.”

Our intention with this book is to stimulate curiosity about how businesses should be managed and stimulate innovation in the way we design our organisations. The managers that choose to take on this approach to management will have an exceptional opportunity before them.

Unless we transform the function of management, there can be no new organisation design. Without a new organisation design, our enterprises, corporations, SMEs and startups will continue to be thwarted from reaching their full potential, using out-of-date and “not fit for purpose” management theories for decades to come. Instead, we must influence the design by changing the conditions of work to include the social context. Human beings are the fundamental elements of intelligent complex adaptive systems.

Now is the time for a new language of leadership and management, a new technology of organisation design.

This important series, written by two of the most highly respected authors in their field, will bring new impetus and new focus on the way that organisations can be developed for maximum effectiveness.