Profitable Partnerships

Starting a business venture is a great way of putting structure into a hobby, which in turn can become great fun, a good way to meet new people and of course, if you are lucky, it’s a great way to make money too. This new Bite-Sized Book about Partnerships builds on that message by explaining how and why you might best use partnerships to your advantage, explores some reasons for making the effort in the first place and of course points out pitfalls observed first hand over the years. In some cases these are in the form of statistics. Stuart Haining has been involved in over 160 business relationships for various reasons (and this doesn’t even include the numerous additional normal work colleagues), which is a surprisingly large figure – so he probably has more than enough data on which to base some conclusions on the maths of partnerships alone. He also includes some brilliant examples of things that have gone well or otherwise for him and people he knows in business.To some people the very idea that you need a partnership will come as a surprise – but it should be a pleasant surprise as if you create the right partnerships with the right people, who complement your capabilities, it can immensely strengthen your chances of success – and take away some of the loneliness of creating a new business.Those people who know Stuart’s other books, including “The Practical Digital Marketeer”, “Planet Amazon” and his tales about owning an Aston Martin, “My Other Car is an Aston”, will already know his irreverent style, his focus on what you need to be successful and his sense of fun – and this book carries on that tradition

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