The Six Things that all Customers Want

This book distills 30 years of experience and research into a simple, easily understood practical guide to delivering great customer service.

It is designed both as a manual and a reference tool with clear examples and tips on the simple actions to take to delight your customers. The advice applies to any size of business in any sector, with common sense ideas that are easy to implement at no or little cost. It’s not just theory – the ideas have been tried and tested over many years and have proved to be extremely effective at helping businesses improve customer satisfaction and profits.

With examples and checklists, Nigel Greenwood will add new insights to your understanding of your customers and what you need to do to gain more customers, retain those you have, and develop your business.

It encompasses many areas of customer experience, including:
•How to describe the personality of your business and how it should behave
•How and why to look at your business through your customers’ eyes
•The 6 things that all customers want and how to deliver them
•The mistakes to avoid
•Simple practical guide to getting great results
•Clear insight into what customers want and how to deliver it
•Practical ideas for getting and using customer feedback.