Bridging the Virtual Gap

Elena Mihajloska’s book tackles the challenges team members encounter when working remotely and provides successful strategies and tactics to make teams cohesive and effective. It explains why and how unleashing the potential of virtual teams is highly dependent on a team mindset that is focused on building relationships and bonds while providing motivational triggers. Elena shows how to ensure that areas of disagreement don’t remain submerged but are expressed and resolved to everyone’s benefit. Elena covers digital social interaction, and, for example, ways of recreating the water cooler in the virtual office, as well as skills for recognising and overcoming cultural clashes. Moreover, it offers advice on how to stay focused, motivated and productive when there is no physical support or supervision from the virtual team members and managers. The aim of this book is to shed light on how teamwork cohesion and strong bonds among virtual teammates are formed initiating the same level of dedication, passion and drive among all team members, regardless of geographical location. If you want to bring your A game into the digital workspace, than this book is for you. By drawing on her own experience of working in and leading virtual teams, Elena brings fresh insights that will help all those involved become more successful.

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