The Naked Human in Business

Inside our clothes we are all naked – and sometimes we should sit in a business meeting and think how ridiculous we would all be if we saw ourselves like that.This thought is the ultimate counter to pomposity – and that’s an enemy to all of us. If you keep in mind how ridiculous we all are, then, strangely enough, the world becomes a kinder, more reliable place, and you start to understand people, and how to influence them and persuade them in a different way.And that is vital. Business development is primarily about people – and when you boil it down, it is about changing people’s minds. To change people’s minds you have to understand people – really understand them, and really understand how to be persuasive. Let this book reveal the simplicity and effectiveness of Paul Davies’s ONE TWO THREE approach to business development by focusing on how people are and how we communicate in the best way.This book is about changing people’s minds – and it starts with the most important person’s mind – yours.In this new approach to business development Paul Davies will guide you into a new way of thinking – about yourself and about other people to pave the way for greater business success.

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