Great Business Meetings, Greater Business Results!

Executives and team leaders are constantly hosting business meetings, and attending many as well, and and most realize that expertly run meetings can function as forums for setting corporate goals and plans of action, can effect team unity and company loyalty, can identify successes and failures, and create better future outcomes. But while business meetings have all these potential benefits, too often they’re not effective, and can even be counterproductive, simply because business leaders fail to keep in mind practical considerations and best practices. This book is about those best practices, how to master them, and use them as jumping off points for bettering your organization’s tactical goals and strategic plans.

In this book Christopher Hosford brings years of experience of great and ghastly business meetings – and focuses precisely on what is necessary to turn them into those successful, dynamic drivers of business. His insights, tips and advice are all proven to make your meetings far more productive.

Christopher has had a varied career in education, and in consumer and trade journalism. Born in Atlanta and raised in Miami, Chris is a graduate of Christopher Columbus Catholic High School for Boys (Miami, FL), and the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL), where he majored in English and won varsity letters in track & field. After graduation, Chris taught high school English and drama in Jacksonville, FL, and coached track and cross-country teams, before turning his attention to journalism. Currently, Chris is editor-in-chief of HosfordGroup LLC, a New York content marketing agency specializing in strategic marketing consulting and the development and application of sales and marketing content in support of programs and campaigns. He continues to contribute regularly to Crain’s New York Business and Advertising Age magazine. With the wide experience in different spheres, he brings a balanced and rigorous analysis and prescription to creating and running the best business meetings possible.