Unleashing the Potential of Mobile Applications in the Enterprise

There are many books on HOW to create mobile apps – but understanding WHY you should have a mobile app for your business has been neglected. This isn’t a technical book but Saibal Sen has provided insights into the reasons why mobile apps are different, how they can help transform your business, and why you should develop at least one.

This is a much needed encouragement for business executives to understand WHY you need to develop mobile apps as opposed to HOW to develop one. Saibal’s book aims squarely at business people and executives to help them understand the difference a mobile app can make to the business.

Most apps created by businesses are mimicking their desktop versions without tapping into the remarkable features of mobile apps such as location awareness, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. This book leaves aside the bits and bytes and is totally focused on the practicalities of how you can increase sales, improve efficiency and reduce costs using a new mobile app.

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