The Complete Practical Digital Marketeer

Published now in one volume, Stuart Haining’s acclaimed, highly practical and extremely valuable “The Complete Practical Digital Marketeer” is a comprehensive, easily read, series of insights into digital marketing – by an industry expert, who has spent twenty years perfecting his approach on behalf of prestigious clients. Focused only on what you need to be successful, Stuart introduces the value of digital marketing, then looks at how to plan for success, looks at everything you need to concentrate on in your web presence, illustrates what you should and shouldn’t do with social media – and then provides a road map for your future digital marketing.One insight will immediately help – think of the search engines as being focused on their clients – those paying for their positioning – and not on those searching. That perspective should change your real understanding of how to use the search engines – and is typical of the solid, practical insights that Stuart brings.A former Banker turned Marketeer, Stuart Haining ACIB MCIM has worked on several world firsts – from running the UK’s largest in-house loyalty magazine to managing a £20m advertising budget, with detours along the way into a leading-edge CRM project, re-inventing the infamous BarclaySquare mall into the model now familiar at Amazon, developing the first usable MP3 download service, and raising Venture Capital to launch a technology incubator before completing a MBO and eventual sale to a PLC. He was singled out by Barclays CEO for his blue-sky approach and it’s fair to say he’s seen a lot for a non techie! You can benefit from some of that experience for the first time in Bite Sized books.

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