Idiocy in Commercial Life

Who hasn’t felt that they were banging their head against a brick wall bringing a complaint against a company? You know it isn’t good for you – and it certainly isn’t good for the company either – so why aren’t complaints speedily dealt with? Alan Lakey has many years of experience dealing with idiocy in commercial life, from the inside and from the outside – and his relentless, careful, step-by-step approach to getting complaints resolved are a lesson for us all. After trying many jobs, Alan Lakey joined the financial services world in 1978, and became an independent financial adviser in 1986, before setting up his own company in 1991.Over the years he has won twenty awards for the excellence of his advice – and that experience informs every page of this engaging, sometimes infuriating, but so-well written book that shows how persistence and the right tactics will help you win through. Alan’s previous book was the biography of the seminal rock band and psychedelic pioneers, The Pretty Things – and the range of his interests is revealed by that. He contributes to financial journals and he is a council member on three “trade unions” in his industry. This is a book that will have you marvelling at his persistence – and one that will inspire you to settle only for the right result.

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