Managing the People Side of Change

There are great benefits to be gained from outsourcing. Many organisations understand the benefits they can achieve from outsourcing but few manage to realise those benefits in full. So often the root cause of that failure is because they have ignored the people factors that can inhibit change and even derail it. In some cases people may not understand the reasons for the outsource programme, in others people may have reasons of their own for not wanting the change to be successful. Whatever the people side of the change is, all these factors can be successfully managed so companies and staff can fully realise the benefits of outsourcing.

Having been involved in successfully managing change in IT Outsourcing over the years, I have gained many insights into the people factors in change management and developed effective strategies and tactics that smooth the way to making an outsource programme successful, starting with, but not limited to, ensuring that the staff involved fully buy in to the process. This book is based on the practical steps that I have put in place to ensure success. Every step identified here is practical and effective and though some of them will seem just good common sense, I do know that in many such programmes they are ignored. Reading this book will give readers some new ideas and also provide them with a straightforward reminder of good practice to help them manage change effectively, engaging the staff and producing a common purpose.

In less than an hour’s reading, this book identifies the issues, explains how they come about and gives solutions that will eliminate or, at least, mitigate the major problems and provide a firm basis for implementing the changes and creating a stronger business by fully realising the benefits of an outsource programme.

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