Rethinking Leadership

Most of us will never lead a major organisation, be leaders in the public eye, or be cited as gurus in the business press. We may never achieve the top position in our organisation. Yet at every level, there is scope for quiet, low-fuss, pragmatic leadership that works. The challenges for leaders are changing and with the advent of Millennials into companies the whole approach to leadership has to change.

This Bite-Sized Book aims to destroy myths and misconceptions about leadership and introduce you to practical things which you can do to develop and improve your leadership skills, especially catering for Millennials with their different expectations, different approaches and different levels of engagement.

Targeted at anyone from supervisory to Board level, Rethinking Leadership offers an antidote to the narcissistic “How I did it good” cult leadership book. It sets out in straightforward terms how you can become an excellent leader without using others as stepping stones, without destroying your home life in the process, whilst maintaining great working relationships throughout your career and delivering increased value to your company and your staff.

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