The power of clean leadership

Publishing in w/c 4th September 2023

The Power of Clean Leadership is the third book in the series, following from 1. The Power of Organisation, and 2. The Power of Management.

Experience a leadership revolution with Clean Leadership, the innovative concept that will transform your approach to leading in today’s dynamic world.

Clean Leadership challenges traditional practices and places integrity, authentic communication, and fresh thinking at the forefront. Bid farewell to the struggles of role retention, cost cutting, and fostering loyalty. This ground-breaking book offers transformative solutions that will invigorate your organisation and empower your workforce. Clean Leadership is your guide to unparalleled success, maximise your return-on-invested capital, and unlock the untapped potential of your greatest asset—your people.

With over 40 years of expertise, Michael McMaster (left) has dedicated his career to developing effective strategies that unleash individuals’ true potential. Together with Adrian Brown (right), they reveal the key to unlocking genuine management intelligence within your organisation. Michael is a seasoned business owner, consultant, and prolific writer, along with Adrian, an expert with decades of experience in small and medium-sized businesses.