The average wage millionaire

Art Rain, from a reasonable but by no means rich background, has become a multi-millionaire – and what is more he has meticulously kept records of his financial affairs over forty years and he has analysed them to show how it can be done. This book not only reveals the secrets of his success, but provides real-world advice on how to emulate Art’s progress. Full of wise – but, more importantly, witty insights, Art will reveal the pitfalls and the opportunities that anyone with determination can emulate.

Whether you are investing for the long term, tempted by day trading with all its perils, happy to risk some small amounts of money investing in start-ups or just want to be either frugal or careful, Art will take you through the issues in his own inimitable, self-deprecating way. You may not be the sort of person who either knows how much money you can save looking after your soap or wants to know – but every page of this book will give you some new ideas for not only saving money but creating a real return.