Ten Oxford Authors, Ten Literary Walks

This book explores the Oxford – real and imagined – of ten (in reality eleven) Oxford authors and their characters. They range from Inspector Morse to Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland; from Philip Pullman to P. D. James, Lawrence of Arabia (and Oxford) and Cara Hunter’s best-selling D. I. Fawley. Visit places in the City of Dreaming Spires of significance to them. Follow in their footsteps. All were born, lived or imagined in Oxford. For some, like Morse, ’gown’ was pre-dominant; for others, like Pullman’s Lyra and Hunter’s Fawley, ‘town’ was more important. Immerse yourself in their worlds.

How to Use this Book

This book deliberately sets out to be a guide. Take an Oxford author or two or three (or their characters) and follow in their footsteps. Use the maps to guide you.

The Editors

  • John Mair lives in Oxford. This is his 45th The latest is Morse, Lewis, Endeavour and Oxford: Celebrating 35 years on Screen (Bite-Sized Books, 2020).
  • Richard Lance Keeble is Professor of Journalism at the University of Lincoln. He has written or edited 45 books on a range of media-related issues. His latest is Orwell’s Moustache (Abramis, 2021)
  • Peter Tickler has lived much of his life in Oxford, both as a student at Keble College and as a dweller of Grandpont. As an established crime writer, he has set all of his seven novels in contemporary Oxford.