Brexit and Northern Ireland

Solving the issue of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland has proved intractable in the Brexit process. Trying to create a solution led to the so called backstop that was crucial to Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement with the European Union. That was rejected on three occasions by the UK Parliament. May’s replacement as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is finding the task equally difficult. The issue of the Irish border and backstop could potentially derail an agreed Brexit creating significant economic damage to both parts of the island as well as undermining the peace achieved by the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.In this comprehensive collection, distinguished writers and academics from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland explore the issue through contributions covering economics, politics, culture and more.They include Roy Bassett, John Bradley, Graham Brownlow, Leslie Budd, Edmund Curran, Mary Dobbs, Walter Ellis, Tom Felle, John Wilson Foster, Michael Gilson, Roy Greenslade, Graham Gudgin, Richard Halleron, Colin Harvey, Katy Hayward, David Hearne, Roisin McAuley, Ian McBride, Steve McCabe, Edgar Morgenroth, Steve McCabe, Liz O’Donnell, Damien O’Reilly, Brian Rowan, Raymond Snoddy and Michael Wilson.This book is the sixth volume in the Bite-Sized Brexit series. Other titles include “Do They Mean Us?”, “Keeping the Wheels on the Road”, “The Case for Brexit”, “Will the Tory Party Ever Be the Same?” and “Farmageddon”.