Oil Dorado – new third updated edition

This book is a third and much expanded edition of the version published in March 2019. These books are always acorns that become oak trees through team enterprise. The original book was John Mair’s idea just five weeks before publication. It derived from an interview session he and Sally Gibson conducted with Dr Mark Bynoe, of the Guyana Department of Energy, in January 2019 by Skype from Georgetown to London. Thanks to him and to the then-high commissioner, Hamley Case, for facilitating that event.

The idea became reality through the authors who have written and delivered to a very tight deadline for no fee. Sometimes thrice. We are eternally grateful to them.

The future of Guyana and oil is important to all of us. This book is a deliberate potpourri of economics, politics, futurology and literature. It aims to reflect the rich cultural and intellectual heritage of Guyana and kick-start the long overdue debate on just how El Dorado may become Oil Dorado and accommodate ‘Black Gold’.

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