OIL DORADO (5th Edition – 2023)


Five centuries ago Guiana was the El Dorado of Sir Walter Raleigh’s dreams. He never found it. Now black gold-oil-has been found offshore. Billions of barrels already. More still to be discovered. It is the new Oil Klondike.
The GDP will double in the next year and by 2025 Guyana might have the highest per capita income in the world. How will Oil Dorado evolve? Will it be Norway, Nigeria or Ghana?

The movers and shakers who contribute to this edition include Guyana’s current government adviser on oil, the current foreign secretary, a current member of parliament, a former government minister, the former Prime Minister, a Texan oil baron, three university professors plus the renowned Guyanese poets Grace Nichols and John Agard.
The future of Guyana and oil is important to all of us. This book is a deliberate potpourri of economics, politics, futurology and literature. It aims to reflect the rich cultural and intellectual heritage of Guyana and generate the long overdue debate on just how El Dorado may become Oil Dorado and accommodate “Black Gold” into its economy and psyche.

Testimonial by David Lammy MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary, Guyanese lineage.

  • John Mair is Guianese by birth and heritage. He is a 2018 Guyana High Commission UK Award Winner and the 1961 Demerara Scholar
  • Andrew Beck is a former Principal lecturer at Coventry University
  • Richard Lance Keeble is the Professor of Journalism at the University of Lincoln.
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