Green Manufacturing: What this involves and how to achieve success

The world’s population faces a crisis of immense proportion due to emission of greenhouse gases. Scientific evidence, coupled with our direct experience of altering weather patterns, demonstrates the need for urgent and radical collective action to avert climate change. Manufacturing, a sector which developed rapidly following the Industrial Revolution, and though contributing to improving the lives of billions since, has, through intensive use of energy and resources, been a significant contributor to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Manufacturing is expected to play its part in averting the existential threat posed by a rise in temperature caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

This book, consisting of edited contributors, including senior industrialists directly involved in implementing green in their manufacturing organisations, leading representative body Make UK, as well as political commentators and academics, provides guidance on what must be done to achieve success. Increasingly, customers’ decisions will be influenced by the green credentials of companies from which they purchase. As contributors to this book stress, as well as protecting the future of the planet, considerable commercial benefits are possible to every manufacturer by ensuring its products are environmentally sensitive.