The Practical Digital Marketeer (5 vols)

From Book 1: Stuart Haining ACIB MCIM always gives highly practical advice – and he says that if you remember that the search engines and social media companies want to look good to the people using them (and don’t really care about you), you will be streets ahead of most people. It’s just that sort of insight that the Practical Digital Marketeer series, of which this is Volume One, will give you effortlessly.
These five closely related books are aimed at introducing how to be successful with online, digital marketing, written by an Entrepreneur, Innovator and Strategist, who has years of experience running an agency that has successfully launched, supported and developed a wide range of businesses using hard won tricks of the trade and insights from the cutting edge of digital development.
Focused on what you need to be successful, the five volumes, each of which is about an hour’s reading, provide a succinct, easily-read practical guide to using online marketing to your best advantage, while each is a stand alone book in its own right.
Volume One, “Digital Marketing – Is It Worth It and Your First Steps” provides a solid starting point, picking up where old marketing has got to and taking you forward seamlessly into the new and rapidly developing world of digital marketing. With his focus on what he knows will bring success, Stuart helps the reader navigate through hearsay and common mistakes, so that all your efforts will bear fruit.
A former Banker turned Marketeer, Stuart has worked on several world firsts – from running the UK’s largest in-house loyalty magazine to managing a £20m advertising budget, with detours along the way into a leading-edge CRM project, re-inventing the infamous BarclaySquare mall into the model now familiar at Amazon, developing the first usable MP3 download service, and raising Venture Capital to launch a technology incubator before completing a MBO and eventual sale to a PLC. He was singled out by Barclays CEO for his blue-sky approach and it’s fair to say he’s seen a lot for a non techie! You can benefit from some of that experience for the first time in Bite Sized books.

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