Another Way: A call for a new direction in British foreign and defence policy

For too long there has been a lazy consensus about Britain’s foreign policy and its military policy. Steven McCabe and Roger Schafir argue that what is required is a radical re-appraisal of both and there must be another way.

This important book published soon after the invasion of Ukraine, gives it topicality, but in the present atmosphere their message won’t go down well with most of the commentariat and a lot of public opinion. Yet the issues they address go beyond Ukraine and Putin, in fact beyond Russia and its surroundings, and are issues about western policy towards the entire world since the end of Soviet communism.

Most of the book was written before the latest crisis, but for years the only politicians who would give so much as the time of day to the notions we advocate are the Labour left, briefly in charge of the Labour Party. However, there is nothing specifically left wing at all about what they advocate, and conservatives could also support it. The endlessly interventionist policies of the last 70 years can be summed up as the West now rules. This book argues that there must be a better way – another way.

For centuries Britain has been involved in almost every major conflict. Steven McCabe and Roger Schafir argue that we must start again and create a new foreign and military role for Britain. This is a challenging and highly thought-provoking book that will change perceptions and lead to a serious debate about all our futures..