Wolmar for London

In this fascinating and insightful book Christian Wolmar shows how he developed his campaign to win the Labour Party nomination for London Mayor culminating in the announcement in September 2015 of the results. It records how someone outside the normal political circles created and developed a grassroots campaign, building a small team of dedicated people, none with much experience of political campaigning, into an effective force, utilising new resources, such as social media, and combining them with traditional marketing methods.

It records the lows and the highs and illustrates how to get the best out of traditional and new age, digital marketing.

The greatest success of the campaign was probably the way that Christian’s ideas – not only about transport – were adopted by other candidates and will form a major element in the campaign of the successful Labour Party nominee, Sadiq Khan. The sheer ambition of taking on established politicians and then causing a real impact are what is at the heart of the book – and helping to breathe new life into our political processes in this country is the real legacy of Christian’s campaign.

Read this book to understand the particular ways that Christian embarked on this campaign and then see how his approach can help you and others make a disproportionate impact in any of your campaigns.