The BBC: A Winter of Discontent?

Is the BBC in Peril – you bet! Will it be the victim of a Dominic Cummings whack-a -mole – you bet? Will new (Mooted) Chairman Charles Moore fight to preserve it – you better not bet on that one! The BBC is in more peril that ever in its 98 year old history. Policy is made by leaks but the Johnson government seems determined to disable / unscrabble the national broadcaster by imposition or attrition. The latest in the Bite-sized ‘Is the BBC in Peril?’ series is a comprehensive and multi-perspective view of what the BBC is facing – with some contributors welcoming the demise of the BBC as we know it and many regretting the threats that it is under. This authoritative book – written by seasoned and highly respected contributors – is another contribution to the debates about the national broadcaster in the UK. They are: John Humphreys, veteran BBC broadcaster, now retired, John Mair, Andrew Graham Former Master, Balliol College, Professor Ivor Gaber, University of Sussex, Rod Liddle, Sunday Times columnist, Raymond Snoddy. Former media editor ‘The Times’, Professor Leighton Andrews. Cardiff University, Professor Jean Seaton. University of Westminster, Lindsay Mackie, SaveourBBC, Professor Patrick Barwise and Peter York London Business School, David Elstein. Former Director of Programmes. Sky Television, Bernard Clark. Media Entrepreneur, Robin Aitken, Former BBC Presenter, Professor Steve Barnett, University of Westminster, Michael Wilson, Former Programme Controller UTV, Dr Liam McCarthy, Former BBC Local Radio Manager, Paul Connew, Media Commentator, Professor Julian Petley, Brunel University, Professor Brian Winston, University of Lincoln, Juliet Rix, Former BBC Journalist, Dr Steven Mccabe, Birmingham City University, Professor Barnie Choudhury, University of Buckingham, and Sir Anthony Seldon. This is a debate that touches all of us – and this new book shines lights in every dark corner to illuminate that debate.