The Great Pension Pantomime

Whoever you are, once you reach working age you will be encouraged to think about pensions. It’s one of those concepts that is usually at the back of your mind, until you start to understand what you need to do to get a proper pension when you retire. With today’s rapid turnover of staff and jobs, it probably won’t just be one pension like our grandparents either. So how do you find your way through the mass of offers, the conflicting claims and the apparently dodgy advice that you will get? That was where Stuart Haining was when he reviewed all his pensions – and then wrote this book to help guide you through the often deceptively complex world of pensions. In one short volume, Stuart looks at the whole industry and attempts to guide the reader – based on his own successful (for the most part) experience. You will find you are opening a can of worms once you decide to investigate pensions. All sorts of words and phrases will plague you – from annuities to Independent Financial Advisers – then there are disappearing tax breaks and a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Not to mention all the other considerations – such as what risk profile do you want to apply to your savings? Stuart has been there and in this book gives you the benefit of his experience – and removes the elements of pantomime from the world of pensions. Invaluable!