The Radical New Theory of Gravity – Disrupting Our Understanding of Our Place in the Cosmos

A comprehensive theory of the nature of the force which causes what we sense as gravity has always been elusive. So far Newton and then Einstein have served us well to quantitatively predict what we observe happening under most conditions. 

However, early-on trained in physics and engineering and now a tech industry veteran, Jan Loeber, has today published an important book entitled, The Radical New Theory of Gravity – Disrupting Our Understanding of Our Place in the Cosmos, which draws upon the pioneering work by respected physicists William G. Stanley and Gary C. Vezzoli. The book seeks to cause a stir in the science establishment.

Author Jan Loeber explains, “Stanley and Vezzoli describe the cause of gravity as the effect of pervasive, multi-directional neutrino bombardment on all matter. This suggests that gravity is not a force at all but is like a colossal cosmic game of ‘billiards’ where all ‘balls’, both large and tiny, are constantly on the move and being pushed towards one another by neutrino bombardment.” He adds, “Their published research work – Induced Gravity Model Based on External Impinging Neutrinos: Calculation of G in Terms of Collision Phenomena and Inferences to Inertial Mass and Atomic Quantization – is solid, experiment-based work and it needs the broader public exposure I hope my book will give it.”

Bite-Sized Books publisher, Julian Costley, commented, “The complex, scientific work of academics so often needs capable authors such as Loeber to explain sophisticated hypotheses in a way that we can all understand. Beyond giving exposure to the Stanley and Vezzoli work, Mr Loeber takes us through his thought experiment which expands the implications of the neutrino bombardment gravity model all the way from the origins of black holes to the evolution of multipla big bangs. This book will surprise and inform whilst being an entertaining read.”