The Power of Organisation: Enabling Managers to Coordinate Actions That Produce Extraordinary Innovation and Results for the Intelligence Era and Beyond

The business world, from the largest corporations to the newest start-ups, is faced with a mind-boggling paradox. How can they maintain control of their business whilst at the same time giving their people the freedom to be truly innovative? It is a paradox that started with the industrial revolution and one that has been renewed by the influence of the pandemic. The secret lies within organisation itself, not the entity, but the coordination of action that leads to positive human connection, surprise and outstanding results.


The Power of Organisation is the first book in a series comprising seven books. Each one aimed at highlighting a different aspect of organisation design. Both the challenge and the opportunity, faced by business organisations today have never been greater and the current leadership and management theory is inadequate to resolve the paradox that exists.


Michael McMaster, business owner, consultant and the author of seven books, has spent the last 40 years writing and developing ways of organising so that individuals can experience true freedom in the pursuit of a well-defined strategic intent. Along with Adrian Brown, who has over 34 years of experience in running, and consulting small and medium-sized businesses, they have addressed this paradox and show you, the business leader, manager or champion how to organise for success.