Another blockbuster thriller hot on the heels of Atima Srivastava’s other bestsellers; It Takes a Girl, and Dark Waters. Part of The Killer Women Series.

Shivani Srivastava has designs on the eminent Dr Shree. She doesn’t realise that, though separated from his wife, he is still married. So, when the glamorous Mala Sinha returns and starts getting in the way of her plans, Shivani accidentally runs her over in a pique of jealous rage. At first panicked, Shivani’s horror soon turns to high spirits as she realises it’s easy to get away with it. All she has to do is control the narrative. One by one, she tells them each a different lie and keeps all the plates spinning.

There’s her older brother Neel, kindhearted and willing to believe everything she tells him. Then there’s 10-year-old Krishna, Dr Shree and Mala Sinha’s lonely child. And Dr Shree’s old friend the debonair and well-connected Dyson, who turns up for a reason undisclosed. And Mala Sinha’s volatile boyfriend Gerald Griffin, who must be dealt with. And of course, there’s Nurse Natalie, who appears at exactly the wrong moment, but ends up helping Shivani get rid of the body—but now won’t go away. And a stranger in cowboy boots arrives and starts asking a lot of uncomfortable questions.

As worlds collide and lies explode, and the past is pulled into the present, Shivani falls into the vortex of a dark sensationalist scandal of international proportions.

Atima Srivastava was born in Mumbai in 1961 and came to London at age 10. She was a film editor for 16 years and then a university lecturer developing and teaching courses in Literature, Film and Immigration. She has published four other novels, as well as several screenplays and short stories and been a Visiting British Writer in Residence at universities in over 50 cities including Seoul, Mumbai, Mainz, Sophia, Bern, Koln, Lugano and Singapore.

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