Coming To

Christopher Easington, after agreeing to take responsibility for a major security incident while working for intelligence in the Gulf, is working for a high security management consultancy – a role created for him by the intelligence services. His personal life is falling apart when he is asked to go to the Gulf and investigate an apparent fraud in a company’s subsidiary that is providing intelligence services. As he uncovers the incompetence and the fraud – facilitated by the total incompetence and possibly criminal acts of the local managing director – he becomes more vulnerable and out of his past a woman arrives. Faced with the dangers of a threatening political situation, the impossibility of knowing if he can trust anyone, and the need to secure the future of the subsidiary, Easington is forced to come to terms with himself and understand the way that for years he has only been a shadow rather than a person. When the local political situation erupts, Easington is faced with coming to grips with himself, his relationships and what he wants to do with life – and left with a fundamental dilemma.

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