Stop House Prices Rising – The Essential First Fix for the Broken Housing Market

This is a ‘solutions’ book. We know the housing market is broken, even the Government says so. “Build More” won’t work yet because of horrendously high house prices. What’s caused these high prices? First to blame is the financial industry, ready to grant loans many times borrowers’ incomes. Their lending is based more on an asset rather than a commodity, and assets can be bid up in price almost without limit. The main asset in the house is the plot of land it stands on, encapsulating all the value of its location.

Drawing on world-wide experience and a century of non-traditional economics we explain various ways in which the plot price asset could be de-financialised. Then our ex-student builders and surveyors will be able to give us a housing market that is fixed. These dwellings will be well-built, roomy and attractive, but best of all affordable. Stopping house prices rising is the first step towards this goal.