Build Back Green – The Electrifying Shock of the Green Revolution

John Redwood’s well-reasoned, compelling, and timely book looks at how far the world is from net zero, and how all those countries still raising their output of carbon might change.
He claims we live in revolutionary times. A movement to harness the state to root carbon out of our lives has now entrenched itself in government as the prevailing policy in much of the advanced world. Joe Biden’s America joins hands with the European Union in declaring war on carbon dioxide. A clever China agrees in principle and corners the market in many green products, whilst still increasing her output of the unpopular gas.
His main argument is that all successful revolutions need to build from the ground up and cannot be imposed from above – and he then considers how this should happen with the green revolution. The digital revolution has swept on because people want its products and services because they enhance their lives and make things easier. Good green products and services do the same and will find ready adoption when they do so.

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