Planet Amazon

Stuart Haining’s admiration for the global company Amazon is matched by his concerns that the company’s growth means that by 2055 it could account for a quarter of the world’s GDP and perhaps Planet Earth will have to be renamed Planet Amazon. Stuart demonstrates how Amazon’s brilliant customer service, its range of products, totaling some 500 million now, its ability to deliver flawlessly and its commitment to quality have created what might be an unstoppable force. As Amazon moves into more and more areas of our lives Stuart shows how it is a force for good for the individual, but the effects on our societies and our lives longer term could be really threatening.
His clear-eyed, witty and sometimes sardonic view of the world – demonstrated so vividly in his previous books on digital marketing and owning an Aston Martin – unsensationally shows how the effect on employment – particularly in our high streets immediately – on our country’s tax base, as Amazon pays very little corporation tax compared with its global profits, and on our social cohesion should be recognised and discussed.
Stuart’s book is a valuable, factual, carefully-reasoned but also entertaining analysis of the Amazon phenomenon – and a vital stimulus to the real debate we should be having now. As Stuart shows, this is urgent and pressing – and too little recognised.

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