India, My India

Farrukh Dhondy brings alive the history of India from its earliest years to its present position as a global powerhouse – with a highly informative, highly readable and personal account of its development – debunking, illustrating, revealing and challenging established views, based on his scholarship and particular insights.
In this complete edition, Farrukh looks at the earliest migrations into India, the waves of invasions – not least that of Alexander the Great, the rise of Islam and the rule of the Mughals, the development of the British East India Company’s control of India into the British Raj, followed by the movement for independence, and then the establishment of modern India, with its contrasts, paradoxes and undoubted global economic importance. Few people realise that in the 16th Century India was alongside China as the most highly developed and powerful economies in the world – and the last two decades are witnessing the return of India’s economic supremacy.
Whatever you think you already know about India, you will be given new perspectives and new ideas in one of the most entertaining and witty history books – and introduced to the unique personality of Farrukh Dhondy, whose experience as a writer, scholar, Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, and political force will both amaze and delight you.

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