Don’t Worry, Be Happy

The book is based on my experience of dealing with anxiety, anger and depression. It shows that if you want to change your view of the world and how you relate to people, you can do so. The fears and anxieties about taking such a step were, as with everything else, in my head. I wish I’d known how unimportant many of them were and are. Ditto the misconceptions I had about how to go about it.

There are many books by expert clinicians describing what can go wrong with the mind and how to fix it. The books by laymen writing about their experience often don’t ring true, claiming that the author went from being a complete mess to the happiest and most successful person on the planet. By reading their books, the same will happen to you, apparently.

I have great respect for the experts and don’t for a minute begrudge anyone who has turned their life around, but feel I am saying something that I haven’t seen in print before. My claims are much lower key than most, more personal and realistic.

This is a personal journey that I believe you might find useful.

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