After the Supercar

Stuart’s previous book on buying, owning, living with and enjoying an Aston Martin – “My Other Car’s An Aston” – is dedicated to demonstrating to how it’s possible to do so on an admittedly expensive shoe-string. The sequel, “After the Supercar”, describes in Stuart’s own inimical style – funny, self-deprecating, anecdotal, exciting and life-affirming (all the qualities inherent in Bite-Sized Books) – the sense of loss, the sense of relief, the pain, and the process of selling one’s pride and joy – and how to cope with the inevitable regret and sense of calm that doing so provides.As Stuart writes, “Once an Aston owner, always an Aston owner,” and he looks back with pleasure and regret and a sense of relief to his time with his Aston Martin – knowing how much it cost him, almost to the penny, how much it was worth to him, and the scale of enjoyment that he got.This is a delightful book – quirky, idiosyncratic and lovely – and almost a record of a love affair. I don’t think you could say that about many cars!