2084 Discovering Amblytopia: Big Brother After 100 Years?

This is another blockbuster from Paul Davies, creating a world in the future that exposes the trends of today, such as the extreme concentration of wealth, that will lead to amblytopia – an apparently comfortable yet aimless world, where purpose has all but been eliminated.

Paul Davies introduces this world as the introduction to the book: “Post neo-liberalism, post sado-populism, the unimaginably wealthy and powerful have create a global neo-age where need has been all but eliminated – so where is the human spirit now?”

The dystopian vision of Orwell’s 1984 is recreated in 2084.

Nation states have been subsumed into a global world controlled by seven trillionaires. That world is grey and meaningless and there is no spur for human development or aspiration – a neo-age of amblytopia. Paradoxically imagination has become highly prized and yet trivialised.

How do individuals survive and live with themselves? What has become of the human spirit? Read this insight into the future and beware.