Ryan Bernsten, American author of the 50 States of Mind, will be in Europe on a book tour soon. In the lead up to the November US Presidential election, Ryan’s timely lecture series challenges the media presumption that the United Sates is irretrievably polarised politically – and shows us the path to a unified nation.

If you’d like to host Ryan to come and speak, please contact julian.costley@bite-sizedbooks.com

Is America as divided as it seems? Oxford University graduate student Ryan Bernsten takes a 23,000-mile journey through all 50 states of his home country to answer that question. 50 States of Mind: A Journey to Rediscover American Democracy is a work of travel nonfiction in the style of Alexis de Tocqueville that takes readers on a long and winding journey through all 50 states to explore the complexities of today’s America. Leading with the desire to listen and overcome our preconceived notions, 50 States of Mind asks how we can infuse humanity and nuance back into political conversations to keep our democracy strong. The companion podcast “50 States of Mind,” featured in Condé Nast Traveler, showcases live interviews from the journey and is available on all podcast platforms. 

Ryan Bernsten is a graduate of Northwestern University and Oxford’s Creative Writing Master’s program. He has written for The Oxford Political Review, USA Today, The Infatuation, and The Trevor Project, where he currently serves as Senior Managing Editor. Ryan is an award-winning playwright whose plays have been performed across the US and UK.