If only our organizations could motivate their employees as when they are dealing with their deepest passions, what would we observe differently in the workplace? And what would each of us observe about our careers if we could truly ignite the spark of motivation while working?

Well, the good news is that it is possible to approach a fuller professional realization thanks to coaching!

This book is therefore dedicated to anyone who wants to grow and grow in the workplace: coaches who want to offer their coaching services in client organizations, professionals who want to develop their own soft skills, managers who want to enrich their leadership style through the coaching approach. Furthermore, through continuous references to other HR processes, also HR managers and entrepreneurs will also be able to find ideas for overcoming future business challenges thanks to a motivated team.

From theories to models to follow, from original tools to a wide range of application techniques you’ll discover how coaching can accelerate professional development.

Luigi Ranieri (www.luigiranieri.com) is a coach and counsellor, trainer and author of several books on personal growth. He sees the development of personal talents as a life mission, rather than just a job. He is co-founder of Bonsay, a company that uses training and coaching to enhance soft skills, for which he follows the master in Business Coaching as a teacher.
As a coach, he has worked for some of the largest organizations in the world and previously held HR manager roles in big corporations.