Morse, Lewis, Endeavour and Oxford: A Guide Celebrating 35 Years on Screen

Bite-Sized Books has teamed up again with former BBC producer and prolific author and editor, John Mair, to create a unique book that will please both Morse fans and anyone who loves Morse’s Oxford.

This new John Mair edited book, written with Oxford’s top Morse tour guide and expert, Heidi Boon Rickard, and renowned author and academic, Richard Lance Keeble, takes us ‘behind the screens’ bringing fascinating new insights into Oxford’s backdrop to one of ITV’s most endearing productions.   

John Mair says, “Morse is Oxford and Oxford is Morse. It has been since Endeavour Morse first burst on TV screens worldwide in 1987. There have been close to 100 episodes of the murder mystery series of Morse, Lewis and Endeavour.  This comprehensive guide gives you a tour of the relevant locations but also a tour of original author Colin Dexter and his mind plus an appraisal of Morse, the detective, from the former Thames Valley Chief Constable, Peter Neyroud. It is full of width and depth and lots of useful information.”

There’s a literary analysis too of Colin Dexter’s work – with contributions by his editor Maria Rejt, and by Cara Hunter the million selling crime fiction author of the ‘new Morse’ inspired Detective Inspector, Adam Fawley.  Further contributions are by Dr Paul Davies, Christopher Gray, Dermot Norridge, Dr Richard Hewett, and Professor Jen Webb,  

Julian Costley, Bite-Sized Books publisher added, “This is a wonderfully good read, and an invaluable Oxford guide for all Morse enthusiasts.  It lifts the lid further on our favourite grumpy detective and reminds us all why well written drama sustains our interest even after 34 years.”

 Morse, Lewis, Endeavour and Oxford: A Guide Celebrating 35 Years on Screen is available in Kindle and colour illustrated paperback via Amazon Books here: