Capturing the Celestial Lights

People flock to the Arctic in winter conditions to see the Northern Lights. Many will watch them and many will try to image it on their cameras or smartphones. As Gillian Perry has discovered over twenty years this isn’t straightforward – but she has developed techniques, skills and approaches and for the many people who have wished that they had known more about photographing this celestial spectacle before they left home, her short and straightforward guide will open up a whole new world of experience. Gillian Perry has visited Alaska in the middle of winter and captured many stunning images and created short videos of the event using images captured on digital cameras of many kinds. She is aware of the practical issues, for example how cold affects both the camera and the photographer, and has come up with simple and effective solutions. The book aims to cover everything you need to know to take those images and Gillian explains this alongside the story of her experiences in Alaska. When you have read this short but information rich book, we are sure you will want plan a visit to one of the countries where the spectacle is visible and see whether you can replicate her success.