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Complementing the Business Books, the Lifestyle Books address lifestyle issues, particularly for stressed business people.


A Personal Journey
Ref ID: BSBL001

Based on Phil's experience of dealing with anxiety, anger and depression, this book shows that if you want to change your view of the world and how you relate to people, you can do so. The fears and anxieties about taking such a step were in his head and he now wishes he'd appreciated how unimportant many of them were. Ditto the misconceptions he had about how to go about fixing things.

There are many books by expert clinicians describing what can go wrong with the mind and how to fix it. The books by laymen writing about their experience often don't ring true, claiming that the author went from being a complete mess to the happiest and most successful person on the planet and that by reading their books, the same will happen to you - apparently.

The author has great respect for the experts and doesn't begrudge anyone who has turned their life around, but feels he is saying something that hasn't been seen in print before. His claims are much lower-key than most - and more personal and realistic.


A Yoga Journey
Ref ID: BSBL002

The book provides a balanced view on the whole ethos behind yoga with all its strengths and the strengths you can acquire.

It explains what yoga is, the methods and practices within it, how yoga can improve your life, and why you should take it up.


My Journey to Recovery
Ref ID: BSBL003

An inspiring story of recovery from a terrible car accident after which the author had to start life from scratch - she couldn’t talk, couldn’t walk, couldn’t hear and her fine motor skills weren’t working properly, amongst many other difficulties. Eight years down the line, she has recovered remarkably well, although she is left with several challenges.

The book is an inspiring and motivational account on how to deal with adversity and on how to regain a significant and worthwhile life, against all odds. To never give up is the main motto of the book. It is not only interesting for people having to deal with enormous physical setbacks, it is inspiring for everybody who knows that life is all about overcoming obstacles, conquering difficulties and living a meaningful life.


Arthur Worrell's War
Ref ID: BSBL004

This story of a prisoner of war begins with the author's early life and how he then joined-up in 1940 as an old soldier (he was nearly 36), being captured and spending five years as a prisoner of war far from civilisation. None of the pranks and practical jokes of the officer PoWs – no barbed-wire because there was nowhere to go.

In the depths of the terrible winter of 1944-45, and in the face of the advancing Russians, the German guards route-marched the prisoners from Poland all the way to Austria where Arthur and his comrades were liberated by the Americans at the end of April 1945. They had no proper footwear, scant clothing and starvation-ration food – but they survived. He never talked about the war until he recounted his story to Paul Davies who recorded it in order to write this book.

That long ordeal of the forced march is largely forgotten these days despite the hundreds, if not thousands, of prisoners who perished on it – it deserves to be remembered.


Around the World in 284 Days
Ref ID: BSBL005

Both Phil and his wife, Jane, had reached a stage in their lives where they wanted to do something and they decided against all the odds to have a silver gap year - going round the world together in 284 days. Visiting countries in South America, islands in the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia and Russia they came back to the UK with a changed perception of life and opportunities.

"Feel the Fear and Pack Anyway" is a record of their journey - but more than that it is a personal guide to taking a real adventure, full of sage, hard won advice, insights and touching moments that illustrate that however reckless it might seem, it's something that will reward and invigorate the silver gap year traveller.

Easy to read and with enough pitfalls to make anyone doubt the wisdom of doing such a thing, it is nonetheless a real encouragement to take the plunge - and just pack and go.

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