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The Business Books address business management and business development subjects, as well as covering softer business issues.


An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture Modelling
Ref ID: BSBB001

A short book with succinct practical advice, suggestions and insights, enabling you to understand fully how your company works, where the issues lie and how to resolve them in order to create a better business.

It introduces the reader not only to understanding the processes, people and systems that underpin a company’s performance but also how to engage the individuals within the company to create a more efficient and more effective organisation.

As this book explains, the whole purpose of Enterprise Architecture Modelling is not just to create an accurate reference business model (detailing processes, systems, technologies, equipment, goals, opportunities, risks, controls and information) but also to enable managers and staff to understand how resources are used, how systems interact, how people function and how best to execute effective change.

To do this, it is essential to engage the hearts and minds of your staff and drive towards a common goal which everyone understands and, largely, agrees is for the best. This book provides real world examples of how to do so and what to avoid.



Ref ID: BSBB002

In every meeting or interaction in business, whether it is one to one or one to many, whether it is a water-cooler moment or a sales call, it is essential to realise not only how your opposite numbers understand what you are saying but also how to change the way you present your case so that they can understand you better. To become more effective in business you have to increase your personal effectiveness in communication.

It provides quick, easy to read and authoritative insights into improving your personal effectiveness by explaining clearly how others think and perceive the world, how they listen and how they take on board the information with which you present them.

It also shows you how to assess your own ability to understand other people and influence them. It boils-down many years of experience in sales, marketing, general management and board decisions so that you can be sure of making the right impact. It concentrates on the results you want whether that is increased influence or greater respect - and everything in between.



Ref ID: BSBB003

A handy reference to contract management whether you are working for a supplier or a customer. It distils many years of experience in contract development, negotiation, implementation and management.

An authoritative work that explains the legal issues and where the pitfalls might be, so that you can manage a contract with confidence. Without being a legal authority, it provides common sense solutions to the issues that surround contract management and demystifies contracts and what they are intended to do.

It explains some of the more difficult concepts but is focused on reading and understanding a contract, and its management, to deliver the desired outcomes. It is based on the concept of active reading – how to read a contract so that you get to its heart and know precisely what you need to do.


Making a Persuasive Case for Your Business
Ref ID: BSBB004

Developing a business plan is a straightforward process but it is often turned into a mystery and an art and, worse, confused with creating a business case.

This manual is designed to go to the heart of business planning, focusing on the essentials. It will give the reader a solid foundation for creating and developing a business plan that will both achieve its purpose and meet the needs of the several different audiences. Whatever the nature of the business you are working on and the type of business development you are analysing, this manual will guide you directly to the point.

A business plan is essentially simple in its aim. The whole purpose of the document is to obtain investment, which can be time, money or resources, or all three, that a particular changed way of working requires. As a result of a successfully approved business plan, a business can develop, change, advance, gain new revenue streams or exploit a new market with current products or services.

The outcome from business planning is what is important, and that outcome isn’t a perfect business plan. The aim is a valid document that underpins business development and isn’t ignored once it has been accepted, but is continually revised in the light of changing circumstances.


Making a Persuasive Argument out of Your Numbers
Ref ID: BSBB005

Creating a business case is often confused with creating a business plan but in reality the business case is usually a sub-set of the business plan. It has a different function from the plan and is designed to provide the essential financial information to support a business plan. At its simplest, and in Microsoft Office terms, it is the Excel Spreadsheet to the plan’s Word Document.

This manual will give the reader a solid foundation for creating and developing a business case that will both achieve its purpose and meet the needs of the several different audiences. Whatever the nature of the business you are working on and the type of business development you are analysing, this manual will guide you directly to the point.

A business case, either on its own or as part of a business plan, should therefore be geared entirely around the objective of justifying the investment and commitment of the company to a new or revised direction. It should also err on the side of caution, anticipating higher costs than might be expected, and lower revenues. The intended audience or audiences will be more likely to review and approve a business case that represents the risks and the opportunities cautiously.


The Guide for Successful Project Managers
Ref ID: BSBB006

Most books about project management just describe the procedural mechanics of doing the job - how to create and update the plan, fill in the weekly reports, generate the thousand and one pages demanded by Prince2, bow to the whim of senior management, and put a brave face on disaster if you can’t shift the blame.

This book, however, deals with managing and working in a team and how to get through a project without being overly stressed and demoralised. Every project is different and each will have its own challenges - there are no silver bullets and no fool-proof methods. It's about getting the best out of those you manage and those who manage you, as well as customers, to deliver projects on time, on budget, and to expectation.

It aims to help ensure that you are neither overwhelmed by the sheer number of meetings nor the length of time they can take – exposing the paradox that on many occasions you could have delivered the project on time if only you hadn’t had the many meetings demanded by someone who was worried that your project was slipping.

Although the experience in this book comes from the IT industry, the ideas and approaches are transferable to most other projects - this book is about human factors and turning them to your and your team’s advantage.


A Guide for Company Leadership
Ref ID: BSBB007

Agile methods have now crossed the hype curve and are becoming well established but many companies have not yet taken advantage of the benefits they offer. This book gives business leaders an understanding of agile, its advantages, and how to introduce it successfully into their organisation - not just for IT projects but for business change management in general.

Adopting an agile approach is as much about changing the business culture as implementing a new project management framework. Agile is a way of cutting through the inessential and creating a prioritised outcome focused on results.

This book can therefore also help business leaders think about their business culture and the benefits they might achieve from introducing agile methods more generally and realising the benefits of new ways of working far quicker and with far less stress.


A Personal View of Selling Techniques
Ref ID: BSBB008

This book is a personal insight into the world of sales and selling based on a highly successful, forty-year career. Whether you are new to sales or an old hand, the serious and entertaining insights that this book provides will be invaluable. Reading it will be a positive experience and one that will give you new energy for the role - or set you on the right path.

It demonstrates how an authoritative understanding of getting appointments, having meetings, giving presentations, qualifying customers, managing time and correspondence, spotting buying signals, handling objections, understanding legal compliance matters (especially when selling financial services), and effective closing techniques can make you a potent sales person – in short, a rapid overview of the most important elements of selling and being successful in sales.

This book also explains how to recognise and manage micro-managers - it is easier to ask for forgiveness than seek permission.


An Insider’s View
Ref ID: BSBB009

The book guides the reader through eleven well-explained and easy to understand sections of the various stages of the IT outsourcing lifecycle encompassing sourcing strategy, business drivers, sourcing event, post award governance and supplier relationship management.

In addition, the book touches on the importance of effective risk and change management throughout the transformation project. Punctuated with useful hints and tips, the publication provides a useful insight into the complexities and potential pitfalls, drawing on real-life experiences gained from working with some of the large global IT service providers over the past 15 years.


Building the Right Strategy and Team
Ref ID: BSBB010

This little book takes you through the main components of bidding or tendering for contracts. It considers markets, teams, finance and how to construct a proposal, together with some practical tips on how to handle the internal politics of your organisation.

It does not pretend to be a comprehensive guide but it does alight on certain key issues such as bid bonds, EBITDA and IRR (look inside for more) and how to deal with in-house lawyers, which should stand you in good stead as you make your way through the bid jungle.

Chapters dedicated to team building and preparation and delivery of presentations give some practical guidance that you ignore at your peril if you want to be a successful bidder and build a career, or at least part of a career, in this particular competitive space.


A Practical Guide to Delivering Simply Brilliant Customer Service
Ref ID: BSBB011

The book distills three decades of experience and research into a simple, easily understood practical guide to delivering great customer service. It is designed as a reference tool with clear examples and tips on the simple actions to take to delight your customers.

The advice applies to any size of business in any sector, with common sense ideas that are easy to implement at little or no cost. It’s not just theory – the ideas have been tried and tested over many years and have proved to be extremely effective at helping businesses improve customer satisfaction and profits.


How to Produce Winning Proposals and RFP Responses
Ref ID: BSBB012

If you have just assumed responsibility for writing a response to one or more Requests for Proposal or Information, then you know that you have a great deal of responsibility to shoulder.

Writing a winning proposal can transform a company and the life and career of its author. Win a major deal and you establish a solid base for a whole new source of growth for your company and, as an employee, establish yourself beyond all doubt as someone who personally made the business more successful.

In an uncomplicated, jargon-free, brief and entertaining way, this book will show you how to position your business to win, whilst avoiding common mistakes. It will help you give you the best possible chance of winning and it will show you that keeping things simple is the best route to success.


(and what you should do about them)
Ref ID: BSBB013

Encapsulating decades of experience handling and analysing customer complaints, this book demonstrates how to employ that knowledge to help businesses improve customer satisfaction, improve public perception and improve their business.

As well as explaining the main types of complaint and why they happen, it’s also a practical, easy to understand guide which any size of business can follow to help resolve complaints and create loyal, happy customers who buy more, complain less and refer others.


rwmtmbwy RETAIL WARS
May the Mobile be with You
Ref ID: BSBB014

If you work in retail, have a retail business (or want to develop one) and need a retail business mobile app, this book will provide you with all you need to know about the mobile revolution that is driving retail wars in the twenty first century. The book goes wider than the mobile world and focuses on an omni-channel strategy. It also covers the real issues and impact on IT, marketing and operations in the retail world.

You will understand how both sides - the retailer and the customer - react to the different approaches, the retailer's swing and the consumer's pop style. If you are simply curious about mobile apps for retail, you will be guided through the m-evolution based on real stories that represent the stepping-stones for the retail industry.

By reading this highly focused book you will gain an understanding of why connected-commerce is not just a trend, embrace the changes through understanding e-tail and the m-customer profile, understand the range of impacts that mobile adoption in retail will have, and appreciate the new omni-where. In short, you will learn to believe in the new retail formats as something great for everyone. From Nowhere to Now and Here.


Collaborative Leadership for Millennials and Beyond
Ref ID: BSBB015

Most of us will never lead a major organisation, be leaders in the public eye, or be cited as gurus in the business press. We may never achieve the top position in our organisation. Yet at every level, there is scope for quiet, low-fuss, pragmatic leadership that works.

This Bite-Sized Book aims to destroy myths and misconceptions about leadership and introduce you to practical things which you can do to develop and improve your leadership skills.

Aimed at anyone from supervisory to Board level, it offers an antidote to the narcissistic “How I did it good” cult leadership book. It sets out in straightforward terms how you can become an excellent leader without using others as stepping stones, without destroying your home life in the process, whilst maintaining great working relationships throughout your career.


Ten Short Steps to Success in IT Outsourcing
Ref ID: BSBB016

This book is a practical guide based on signicant experience of managing the change involved with outsourcing IT services. A successful approach is explained using the occasional pertinent anecdote.

It also covers the need to be clear about the reasons for IT outsourcing and the development of an implementation strategy including understanding the impact on staff and overcoming their concerns.

The ideas contained within will help you consider all of the key stakeholders and manage them to success.


9 Short Steps to Success
Ref ID: BSBB017

Risk Management has been a part of Ian Hucker's professional life - sometimes without him even knowing it. Strange to find then that Risk Management has become a trusted friend that in the main has kept him safe from all those challenges that can impact and even ruin the best of plans and intentions. Inherent in every programme is risk.

Reading Risk Management in IT Outsourcing will make risk management your friend too, as Ian focuses on what has made him successful. In less than an hour's read you will obtain the guidance needed to plan your projects with confidence. This book shares with you significant experience, providing insights on best practice to give you the best chance of success.


Acclimatisation for Mutual Success Doing Business in China
Ref ID: BSBB018

For those in the early days of doing business in China, learning how to avoid cultural pitfalls when liaising with the Chinese whilst in China, this book is a must-read. People have usually read lots of tips and advice but, the more they read, the more fearful they become.

Just remember that we are all human beings. With Chinese people, as long as you are friends, you can do almost everything as you want. Even awkward questions may be asked of a friend - if you know when and how.


Sales Management Focused on Sales People
Ref ID: BSBB019

Sales management is so often seen as a series of mechanical processes, focused on forecasts, qualification, reports and creating a discipline. Paul Davies, however, has always seen successful sales management as being about sales people - getting inside their heads, seeing the world through their eyes, and getting the best out of them by working with the grain rather than against it.

The author has no illusions - he sees the collective noun for sales people as a 'whinge' - but by really understanding them, protecting them from the most well-intentioned help and value-add from senior management, which usually destroys any morale, and keeping them focused on customers, he was highly successful.

This book is irreverent, less concerned with filling in a customer relationship management form than making it easy for customers to buy, and full of useful ways of cajoling, encouraging and provoking sales people into stellar performance. A must read for senior management, as well as all sales managers.


Building Unity and Trust in Remote Teams
Ref ID: BSBB020

Elena Mihajloska's book tackles the challenges team members encounter when working remotely and provides successful strategies and tactics to make teams cohesive and effective. It explains why and how unleashing the potential of virtual teams is highly dependent on a team mindset that is focused on building relationships and bonds while providing motivational triggers. Elena shows how to ensure that areas of disagreement don't remain submerged but are expressed and resolved to everyone's benefit.

Elena covers digital social interaction and, for example, ways of recreating the water cooler in the virtual office, as well as skills for recognising and overcoming cultural clashes. Moreover, it offers advice on how to stay focused, motivated and productive when there is no physical support or supervision from the virtual team members and managers. The aim of this book is to shed light on how teamwork cohesion and strong bonds among virtual teammates are formed initiating the same level of dedication, passion and drive among all team members, regardless of geographical location.

If you want to bring your A-game into the digital workspace, than this book is for you. By drawing on her own experience of working in and leading virtual teams, Elena brings fresh insights that will help all those involved become more successful.


An Analytics-Driven Approach
Ref ID: BSBB021

Saibal Sen demonstrates how the fast changing and developing world of data analytics can bring greater productivity, efficiency and cost savings to managed and outsourced services of all kinds in a concise, clear and authoritative book, based on his years in service management consultancy implementing his approach.

He is an acknowledged expert and thus able to dismiss the mysteries and myths, concentrating on what data is important (but so often ignored) and how to use data analytics to improve companies' effectiveness and profitability.


Transform boring time-wasters into dynamic productivity engines
Ref ID: BSBB022

In this book, Christopher Hosford brings years of experience of great and ghastly business meetings - and focuses precisely on what is necessary to turn them into those successful, dynamic drivers of business. His insights, tips and advice are all proven to make your meetings far more productive.

Executives and team leaders are constantly hosting business meetings - and attending many as well - and most realize that expertly-run meetings can function as forums for setting corporate goals and plans of action, can effect team unity and company loyalty, can identify successes and failures, and can create better future outcomes.

But while business meetings have all these potential benefits, too often they’re not effective, and can even be counterproductive, simply because business leaders fail to keep in mind practical considerations and best practices. This book is about those best practices, how to master them, and use them as jumping off points for bettering your organization’s tactical goals and strategic plans.

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